The Beer

Recess Brewing – Edwardsville, IL

Currently on Tap: Updated 7/10/17

Mamby Pamby: Light Lager – 4.3%, 14 IBU  Our version of a light Lincoln’s Lament, this is the perfect lawn mowing beer.  With a focus on the grain bill, this beer remains very clean and light with minimal hop character.

Lincoln’s Lament: Premium American Lager – 6.1%, 27 IBU  Our rendition of a Civil War era style beer, this beer has a malty taste but a very clean finish.  The liberal use of Hallertau hops is balanced perfectly with Pilsen malt base for a light tasting that goes great with barbecuing and outdoor activities.

Broad Shoulders: Cream Ale – 4.4%, 20 IBU  A full bodied cream ale made with a heavy dose of flaked corn and fermented with American yeast. Very little hop character makes this an easy drinking spring beer.

Red Lotus:  Tart Cherry Wheat – 5.1%, 19 IBU  We’ve added over 80 pounds of tart cherries to our White Lotus to give it a distinct flavor and color. Uses an American yeast that is very clean to allow the fruit to shine through.

Strawberry-a-go-go: Strawberry Blonde ale – 7.0%, 15 IBU  We took a simple blonde ale, increased the alcohol some what, and then added a lot of strawberries to it.  We used 20 pounds of strawberries in the boil and then 84 pounds of strawberry puree after primary fermentation.  A big strawberry nose as well as flavor throughout interacts well with the alcohol and sweetness of the base beer.

IRA: Irish Red Ale – 5.5%, 26 IBU  It starts with a malty base, uses traditional English hops, and is smoothed out at the end with the addition of lactose that gives it a lingering sweetness.

Hella Melons: Pale ale with honeydews – 5.5%, 29 IBU  This hoppier beer has four additions of Cascade hops that pair nicely with the sweetness of the fruit as well as the touch of mint.  Both the fruit and the mint were added after fermentation for a smooth flavor.

Mutha’ Road: Pale Ale – 4.8%, 24 IBU  Made to coincide with the Route 66 Festival in Edwardsville, this pale ale is light in body and easy drinking.  It has 6 row and flaked corn in the mash and Amarillo and Citra hops in the boil.  Every aspect of this beer was created to match a factoid about the original Mother Road so have some fun figuring out these trivia points as you have a glass!

Broken Spoke:  Session IPA – 4.8%, 37 IBU   Released easy year during our Broken Spoke Brew Ride is our session IPA.  The main focus of the beer is the use of Jarrylo hops, which provide a soft fruitiness. Using a simple, organic-only grain bill really allows these hops to shine through.

2211: IPA7.4%, 70 IBU  Have you ever been punched in the face by a flower? This floral IPA that is made with multiple hop varieties totaling about 2 pounds/barrel and with it comes an aroma that will attack your senses.

Four Square: American Nut Brown – 5.6%, 30 IBU  This is our version of a nutty, American brown ale. It has four varieties of aromatic grains giving it a very distinct and unique flavor. Not quite a nut brown. Not quite an American brown. We think it is a perfect balance between the two.

Pedagogical: Session Porter4.9%, 31 IBU  This low ABV porter will teach you a thing or two about small beers with big flavor. It is meant to provide the body and flavor of a big porter but in a fashion in which it can be enjoyed all day long.

Hussies in Space: American Stout – 6.3%, 33 IBU  An American Stout that is a hybrid of a sweet stout and a milk stout.  The lingering sweetness comes from a lactose addiction that pairs perfectly with the roasted malts in the mash.

Currently in Bottles:

Comrade: Imperial Stout – 9.6%, 53 IBU’s  Our first foray into bottling with everything being done by hand.  This gigantic beer utilizes 9 different grains to create a complex flavor that is balanced out by the large dosage of Warrior hops.  We also added some Goshen coffee post fermentation.

Rebel Circus: Saison – 6.0%, 23 IBU  This is a beer we have been waiting to make for over a year.  Finally we get to fit it into our brew schedule and have released it in 22oz bottles.  A very easy drinking saison with a little spice makes this a great summer beer.

Fermenting/Aging (On Deck):

Olde Man: Old Ale – 9.2%, 50 IBU  This has been aged in our barrels for six months.  A light bodied, strong ale with plenty of oak from the Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey barrels.  Previously used for our barrel aged Comrade, there is minimal bourbon flavor which makes the earthiness of the beer come up front.

Wabash Station: APA – 6.5%, 50 IBU  We’re proud to be the first Illinois brewery to take part in the Ales for ALS fundraiser. This fundraiser allows us to use a unique hop blend to create a one-time beer. In return, we will donate $1 to ALS research for every Wabash Station sold! Since the blend is full of very floral hops we decided to make an IPA. With a total of 11 pounds of hops, this beer is not for the IPA weary. You will get a lot of citrus and fruitiness on both the front and back ends. With a very basic grain bill, the hops really shine through. Named by CSB members!

Previous Brews:

20th Market:  Blonde Ale with Beets and Tarragon – 4.5%, 13 IBU  This blonde ale utilizes fresh ingredients, beets and tarragon, from Edwardsville’s very own farmers market.  The beets add a reddish hue as well as an earthy flavor with the tarragon adding a slight kick at the end.  We created this specifically for the 20th anniversary of the local farmers market so enjoy this one-off beer while you can!

Alright Alright:  Passionfruit Pale Ale – 5.9%, 34 IBU  A pale ale that is made with passionfruit puree.  The passionfruit provides a tartness that pairs well with the very fruity hops we used.  The Cascade, Amarillo, Mosaic, Hull Melon, and Citra hops all add to the fruitiness but with very little bitterness.

Big King’s: English IPA – 6.7%, 57 IBU  The British invasion continues with this malt forward IPA that has only English hops in it. It starts off with a big malt flavor but is followed up with a hop kick that is very grassy and earthy.

Blue Lotus:  Blueberry Wheat – 5.1%, 19 IBU  We’ve added over 80 pounds of blueberries to our White Lotus to give it a distinct flavor and color. Uses an American yeast that is very clean to allow the fruit to shine through.

Cat’s Meow: Dark Cream Ale – 4.6%, 20 IBU   Made in conjunction with the Cat Country Runs presented by RunWell, this autumnal cream ale has a standard grain bill but is made with a small amount of midnight wheat to give it a deep reddish brown color.  It is hopped with Hallertau and utilizes an american yeast to provide a clean, crisp finish.  Usually a spring beer, we made this cream ale to go perfect with the fall weather.

Clown Assassin:  Belgian Dubbel – 7.1%, 25 IBU  This beer pours cloudy and shortly thereafter the banana and fruit aromas hit your nose.  These come through at first drink as well as a slight sweetness. The alcohol finishes in the end with a slightly warming sensation.

Barrel Aged Comrade: Imperial Stout – 9.6%, 53 IBU’s  Our Comrade but this beer has no coffee and spent 6 months in Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey bourbon barrels.  It packs a punch but is just as smooth as the regular Comrade.

Doppel Hop:  Double IPA – 8.8%, 82 IBU  Brewed with copious amounts of American hops this packs a citrusy punch.  Not for the hop faint-of-heart, this beer comes with a big bite to go along with it’s amazing aroma.  If hops are your thing, this is your beer.

Dr. Dunkelstein: Dunkelweizen – 5.6%, 18 IBU  Our second foray into wheat beers, we will be releasing this one during our Oktoberfest celebration on October 3rd.  The grain bill and hop additions are similar to traditional dunkelweizens but we used an American wheat strain to change it up a little.  While it will be released during Oktoberfest, it will be around after that as well.  So if you’re a wheat fan, make sure you stop by to try it out.

E’ville Hop: Belgian Pale Ale – 4.8%, 29 IBU  Using the same yeast as in Clown Assassin we use a good dosage of Cascade, Chinook, and Mosaic hops to give this beer an American flair. A lower fermentation temperature minimized the banana flavors but the Belgian yeast is still present.

E’ville Pumpkin: Pumpkin Ale – 6.1%, 27 IBU Twenty pounds of real pumpkin went into making this lighter, refreshing ale named after the town we love. The perfect balance of beer and autumn spices makes for a delicious brew.  It will make a return appearance each fall.

E’ville Monster:  Scotch Ale – 8.5%, 36 IBU  A very smooth scotch ale that starts off with a chocolately flavor and finishes with a little hop kick. The grain bill provides some residual sweetness and balances well with the high alcohol content to provide a great end.

Klingel Cave:  Oktoberfest – 5.3%, 23 IBU  Named after Louis Klingel, the man who opened the first two Edwardsville breweries in the 1850’s, this beer is made in the traditional German style.  A pilsner grain bill, Hallertau hops, and German oktoberfest yeast provide everything you would expect from this style.  Minimal hop character with a strong focus on the maltiness and yeast profile.  It will be released on October 3rd during our Oktoberfest celebration.  Of course if you can’t make it then, it will remain on tap until the tank runs dry.

Macintosh Oxford Ale: English Mild Ale – 5.1%, 22 IBU  Minimally hopped but with a strong grain flavor and aroma, this beer is easy drinking and light in body. Much like a brown ale the grain bill is the focus.

Mi Cabrona – Brown Ale with coffee, cacao nibs, and pasilla chiles – 5.6%, 25 IBUs  This is the house beer for Taqueria Z on Main St. in Edwardsville.  A strong chocolate aroma and flavor collides with the coffee and a slight chile flavor.  There is minimal heat from the chiles allowing the coffee and chocolate to be the focus.

Monkey Bar: Amber Ale – 4.7% 23 IBU This amber was made with honey malt as well as a good dose of flaked oats to provide it a creaminess that will take you by surprise.  Coming in at 4.7%, it is very drinkable and won’t overcome your palette with only 23 IBU’s.  We like to think of this as our session amber ale.

The Monarch: English ESB – 5.8%, 40 IBU  Created in true English style, a strong malt base is present from the Maris Otter while the hop profile remains earthy and grassy.  With lots of late addition Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops, there is a good aroma to go along with a mild bitterness.

Traitor: Extra Special Bitter – 5.8%, 41 IBU  Like a famous traitor of the American Revolutionary War, this beer will deceive you. This ESB is hopped so it smells like an American Ale, but at first drink it reveals its true colors as an English Ale.

Yellow Buss: American Pale Ale – 5.4%, 35 IBU  Over 11 pounds of the aroma hops Hallertau Blanc and Hull Melon make this beer very fruity.  Passionfruit, grapefruit, strawberry, and cantaloupe are present with a moderate bitterness level that makes this a smooth drinking APA.

Wines and Ciders


Seven Falls Cabernet Sauvignon

Sledgehammer Pinot Noir

Dominant Seven Chardonnay

Stella Pinot Grigio

Canyon Road Moscato

Ciders:  All from Apple Knockers in Cobden, IL

Sweet Knockers – Sweet, juicy apple flavor

Bad Knockers – Tart and tangy with a slightly sweet finish

Hard Knocks – Fermented in oak barrels with Belgian yeast for a citrusy, apple flavor

Hopped Up – A dry cider that is dry hopped to add a little beer character.  No bitterness from the hops.