Community Supported Brewery (CSB)

Recess Brewing – Edwardsville, IL

Recess offers annual memberships through it’s Community Supported Brewery(CSB) program. The CSB is modeled after Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In a CSA, you pay a seasonal or yearly fee in order to receive produce directly from a local farm. With Recess’s CSB, instead of produce, you be enjoying growlers of beer every month directly from the brewery. We are going to have a limit of 150 memberships so non-CSB members can also enjoy our beer in the taproom too.

Depending on the level of membership, there will be 1 or 2 growler fills per month for 12 months. And while filling growlers with beer will be the best part of a CSB membership, there are other perks too! Below are the benefits associated with each membership level.

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Members at the Nano level ($175 for the year) will receive the following benefits:

      • 1 – 64oz. Recess growler jug, set of 2 Recess pint glasses, 1 t-shirt
      • 1 growler fill per month with the beer of your choosing from the taproom. Options will vary throughout the year.
      • First priority on making reservations for first tapping releases (occurs each time a new beer is released).
      • 10% off of brewery merchandise for the year.

Members at the Micro level ($350 for the year) will receive all of the benefits listed above as well as the following:

      • 2 – 64oz. Recess growler jugs and 2 t-shirts instead of 1
      • 2 growler fills per month instead of 1, with the beer of your choosing. Customer can pick up both growler fills at one time or space them out over the course of the month.
      • Option for 20% discount on taproom reservations for parties or events.

*** Must be 21 or over in order to purchase a CSB membership ***

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m not a CSB member, can I still get growlers filled?

YES! If you already own a growler, you can bring it in or you can purchase a Recess growler for $5. Growler fills will range from $11 to $16 depending upon the beer you select.

Can I sign up at the brewery after I try the brews?

YES! You can sign up in person or on the website. Come in and sample some of the wares.

How do I fill up my growler(s)? Can I send someone else to fill it?

Bring them in to the taproom and pick your favorite! The person who is on the subscription must be the one who brings in the growler and present a valid ID and membership card.

If I miss a month of growler fills, can I make up for it?

We can’t save up missed growler fills, but we’re not heartless! If you are going to miss a monthly fill, please notify the brewery ahead of time to work it out. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

Do I have to fill both growlers at the same time (at the Micro level)?

Nope! You can use your two as you see fit. We’re there whenever the craving strikes!

How long will my membership last?

All memberships last 12 months starting from the date of purchase. For those memberships purchased prior to Recess being officially open, they will begin from the month of the brewery’s official opening.

Can I change the level of my membership before my 12 months is up?

We are pretty limited on upgrades/downgrades in the middle of your subscription, but please contact us if you have special circumstances.

Can I give a CSB membership as a gift?

YES! Let us know who your purchasing for and we’ll be sure to reach out to them. A welcome packet will be sent out to the gift recipient once purchased. Both parties must be at least 21 years of age. If you have any special arrangements or want to make it a surprise, let us know.

How does membership renewal work?

After the first year of a membership, you can choose to renew your membership at a 10% permanent discount. Nano memberships will decrease from $200 to $180 and Micro memberships will decrease from $400 to $360.

If you have any questions or concerns about the CSB program, please email them to us at