If you are looking for a space to host an event or if you want to find delicious keg beer for a party somewhere else, you’ve come to the right spot.  We do rent out our taproom space depending on the number of guests you are going to have and the date and time.  And if our space isn’t right for your party we also rent kegs that you can take with you.  The available kegs will depend upon what we have on tap and our inventory.



For space rentals we offer the use of our taproom, tables for presents or food, a small area for a band, and storage if needed.  We rent out half space, which is the fireplace side of the taproom.  Sadly, we no longer offer full space rentals.  As we don’t have a kitchen, you are free to bring in any food that you would like whether it be catered or something you make.  We carry sodas in the taproom but additional non-alcoholic drinks can be brought in as well.

Room rentals start at $100.  This is for the space rental only and does not include any beverages, merchandise, or food.  

Click here for our Recess Space Rental agreement with all the details needed for a rental of the taproom.



If you are looking for beer to bring to your next party or if you simply have a kegerator at home and can’t stomach the possibility of going without Recess beer for a few days, you can rent kegs from us.  Availability changes constantly and will depend upon what we currently have in the taproom.  We can rent both 1/6 barrels (5 gallons=~50 beers) for $75 or ½ barrels (15.5 gallons=~150 beers) for $165.  If you need a tapper we have those too.  All items will come with a deposit of $100 per item (keg or tapper).

Click here for the Recess Brewing Keg Rental Agreement.


If you have any questions on either rental feel free to email us at info@recessbrewing.com.